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As the best law firms in delhi, we offers comprehensive professional services to our clients for obtaining registrations under various local and central laws, including but not limited to, trade licenses, Shops and Establishments Act, Legal Metrology Act and other legal documentation etc. We ease the tedious process of registrations for our clients by procuring timely approvals. Our professional and committed team of lawyers in delhi do not merely represent the clients but make the whole procedure as convenient as possible for them.

Counselling and Mediation

In the case of marital disputes, mediation is a preferred way to guide parties to either get a divorce amicably with mutual consent or reconcile and stay together. Mediation and Pre-litigation Mediation has been an effective process for resolving disputes, bridge the gap in communication and saving relationships between the parties while at the same time being cost and time effective. Our firm has successfully disposed of many matters through pre-litigation mediation.

Counselling And Mediation
divorce lawyer in delhi


Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and section 36 of the Special Marriages Act, 1954 lays out the provision for maintenance of spouses and children in cases of divorce. Courts bring both the parties at an equal footing and consider all the factors before providing maintenance to either party. You can reach out to our team over a phone call, e-mail or a personal appointment for a quick assessment and consultation.

Sexual Harassment

Our firm extensively deals in cases involving sexual harassment at the workplace. We strongly believe that every employee at any level, in any industry, has the right to be free from sexual misconduct. Therefore, we pursue such matters with the utmost seriousness. Our team has a nuanced understanding of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and has successfully contested several cases throughout India under the said law. We have successfully advised and assisted various companies in minimizing the risk of workplace sexual harassment.

domestic violence lawyer

Domestic Violence

Dometic violence cases are on the rise in India. The victims of domestic violence need a domestic violence lawyer who can enlighten the victim about his/ her rights and all the possible outcomes from their current position. Our experts, having an in-depth knowledge of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, have dealt with some of the most high-profile cases of domestic violence in India.


The legal dissolution of marriage, whether it is by mutual consent or a contested divorce, is a long drawn and daunting process in India. It does not only entail the separation of spouses but also includes many other matters like alimony, custody of the child if any and much more. Our divorce lawyers provide practical advice and are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients. Our commendable track record and successful representations have made us the preferred choice of individuals.

divorce lawyer in delhi
Matrimonial Practice

Matrimonial Practice

Resolving marital disputes can be a highly complicated and sensitive process as both the parties involved can get affected by a wrong decision. Having the right set of lawyers to deal with such matters can make all the difference. These disputes are diverse and include issues of divorce, maintenance, domestic violence, dowry, and custody cases, among others. Our dedicated team of lawyers has built the expertise over the years to deal with such matters.

E-Commerce Frauds

Our firm specializes in e-commerce frauds, has assisted our clients in making recoveries. Our lawyers have successfully gotten more than 250 FIRs registered in the last two years and have unearthed scams worth several crores related to:

  • Seller frauds
  • Credit card frauds
  • Online transaction frauds
  • Delivery associate frauds
  • Customer abuse frauds

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We handle e-commerce frauds throughout India and are available 24×7 at all locations pan India. We also provide strategic advice to our clients for mitigating losses arising from online scams and methods to deal with the same.

E-Commerce Frauds
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Compliance, Regulatory & Due Diligence

Due to our extensive knowledge of local and multi-jurisdictional regulations, our lawyers are well-positioned to help clients deal effectively with regulatory and compliance matters. They work hard on the client’s behalf to help them with compliance and regulatory issues as efficiently and as economically as possible. Regularly, we successfully undertake extensive compliance and regulatory work for leading national and international companies. Our team will work alongside you to tackle compliance work in a comprehensive yet time-efficient manner and support you throughout the court case.

Consumer Disputes

Our firm deals with matters related to consumer disputes at various District Consumer Forums, State, and National Consumer Commissions. With highly experienced and knowledgeable consumer lawyers at the helm of the affairs, we have successfully contested consumer matters for many leading Indian corporates and multi-national companies. If an act, product, or service has violated your consumer rights, then you have come to the right place. Our consumer protection lawyers can help you.

Matrimonial Practice

Arbitration, Mediation & Conciliation

The arbitration lawyers we have at XceLex Advocates & Consultants possess in-depth knowledge of the Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation laws making them capable of arbitration matters both in India and abroad, including the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). We have been successful at resolving various issues through mediation and conciliation, helping our clients come at a come ground. Our lawyers have experience of many years, and they are well-versed with the procedures involved in arbitration, mediation, and conciliation.

Civil Litigation

We at XceLex Advocates & Consultants have experience in handling all sorts of civil disputes related to commercial disputes, contractual disputes, property disputes, civil recovery proceedings including suits for injunction, partition, specific performance, wills, monetary or non-monetary issues or any other disputes. Our lawyers have extensive litigation experience that allows them to regularly contest and represent our clients in any court or administrative proceeding.

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Criminal Litigation

Our criminal lawyer in Delhi have considerable experience in dealing with various criminal cases related to cheating, forgery, frauds, breach of trust, misappropriation, and cybercrimes. Our experience and expertise in criminal law have helped us to defend and preserve the rights of our numerous clients. We provide legal representation to individuals and groups as well as to firms, companies and institutions. We represent clients at all stages of a criminal trial in various courts and tribunals.

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      Select Service: Criminal LitigationCivil LitigationArbitration, Mediation & ConciliationConsumer DisputesCompliance, Regulatory & Due DiligenceE-Commerce FraudsMatrimonial PracticeDivorceDomestic ViolenceSexual HarassmentMaintenanceCounselling And MediationRegistrations